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Tomorrow 13:00

Revised View of Solar X-Ray Jets
Dr. Alphonse Sterling (University of Alabama)
Informal Lunch Seminars in AFD

Tomorrow 14:00

Random Walk in a Queueing-Network Environment and Related Problems
Yuri Suhov (Pennsylvania State University and Statslab)
Optimization and Incentives Seminar

Tomorrow 14:15

Closure operators and central extensions in the category of quandles
Marino Gran (UniversitéCatholique de Louvain)
Category Theory Seminar

Tomorrow 15:00

Amenability of automata groups
Omer Angel (UBC)

Tomorrow 16:00

Vacuum Decay by Topological Solitons
Manu Paranjape, Universitéde Montréal
Mathematical Physics Seminar

Tomorrow 16:15

The average elliptic curve has few integral points
Levent Alpoge (Cambridge)
Number Theory Seminar