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Seminar given at CMS Seminar given at CMS
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Today 16:00

Coffee stains, cells receptors, and time crystals: lessons from the old literature
Ray Goldstein (DAMTP)
Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)

Monday January 22 13:00

Dark Energy after GW170817
Paolo Creminelli (ICTP Trieste)
Cosmology Lunch

Tuesday January 23 13:00

Magnetic fields and the red giant dipole dichotomy problem
Cleo Loi (DAMTP)
Informal Lunch Seminars in AFD

Wednesday January 24 14:15

Title to be confirmed
Harvey Reall, DAMTP
Wednesday HEP-GR Colloquium

Thursday January 25 13:00

Title to be confirmed
Alec Barns-Graham (Cambridge)
Quantum Fields and Strings Seminars

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Today 14:00

Kirillov's orbit method and polynomiality of the faithful dimension of $p$-groups
Mohammad Bardestani (University of Cambridge)
Geometric Group Theory (GGT) Seminar

Today 15:00

Base sizes of almost quasisimple groups and Pyber's conjecture
Melissa Lee, Imperial College London
Junior Algebra/Logic/Number Theory seminar

Monday January 22 15:00

Long-time convergence of degenerated processes
Pierre Monmarche, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations seminar