Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
S.D. Bachman H1.17 S.D.Bachman@damtp (7)65997
P J Baddoo G0.05 pjb204@damtp (7)60425
B.T. Bagnall EL.07 B.Bagnall@damtp (7)64246
A Bain B1.09 ab737@damtp (3)37843
D I Baker G0.05 dib27@damtp (7)60425
T Baldauf B0.22 tb561@damtp (7)65250
H A N S Bantilan
A E Barns-Graham B2.24 a.e.barnsgraham@damtp (7)66914
J.D. Barrow B0.18 J.D.Barrow@damtp (7)66696
A. Bastounis F0.13 A.Bastounis@maths
R. Batra
J.K.R. Bausch FL.07 J.K.R.Bausch@damtp (7)60367
G Baxter gb473@damtp
J. Bazin B1.31 J.Bazin@damtp (7)64289
M Benning G2.08 mb941@cam (7)60449
N.G. Berloff G1.02 N.G.Berloff@damtp (3)37860
H U T Bjorkmo B1.15 T.Bjorkmo@damtp (3)37024
T Bland tb503@damtp
C V R Board B0.14 cvrb2@damtp (7)60429
E Boek G1.01 esb30@damtp (7)60431
A Boggis ab2400@damtp
A Borthwick EL.07 alb207@damtp (7)61328
I.M.M. Borzym BL.32 I.M.M.Borzym@damtp (7)64285
F Boselli H0.16 fb448@damtp (3)37888
A.R. Boyle B0.16 A.R.Boyle@damtp (7)66839
S Brierley F0.14 sb2053@cam (7)60382
D. Bright G0.16 D.Bright@maths (7)66820
C. Brown H0.09 c.brown@damtp (3)39737
M.A. Bull B0.16 M.A.Bull@damtp (7)64777