Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
F M Caballero Pedrero G1.03 fmc36@damtp (7)66349
J.S. Caplan H0.14 J.S.Caplan@damtp (7)60461
M. Cates G1.08 (3)37912
C.P. Caulfield H0.10 C.P.Caulfield@damtp (3)37744
A F Celsus F0.03 afc43@maths (7)60493
S M Cespedes B0.34 smc210@damtp (7)64252
A.D. Challinor B2.08 (7)64341
C. L Chamberlain clc90@maths
A J Chamolly H2.02 ajc297@damtp (7)66874
H Chappell hc263@damtp
G K C Cheung B2.11 gkcc2@damtp (7)66913
M.A. Clarke
M J Colbrook F0.02 mjc249@maths (7)60370
K. Coldwell B0.20 K.C.Coldwell @damtp (7)64604
S.M. Colwell G1.06 S.M.Colwell@damtp (7)60436
F Contatto B0.34 fc379@damtp (7)64252
W G Cook B0.10 wc259@damtp (7)66836
T H H Coorens G0.03 thhc2@cam (3)39842
L Cope G1.11 lc338@damtp (7)60446
F Coradeschi B0.39 fc435@damtp (7)64264
V Corona G1.17 vc324@damtp (7)60445
E. Cotterill G0.12 (3)37876
S.J. Cowley G1.09 S.J.Cowley@damtp (3)37865
S C Crew B0.09 scc72@damtp
T H Cridge B0.34 t.cridge@damtp (7)64252
T Crisford B0.14 tc393@damtp (7)65254
O Mc Crook G0.15 omc25@cam (7)66902
M N Crowe H1.20 mc756@damtp (3)39208
T.S. Cubitt F0.15 T.Cubitt@damtp (7)60383