Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
P.D. D'Eath B2.06 pdd1000@damtp (3)37906
M Dadonau H1.20 md732@damtp (3)39208
N. Daish H0.12 ncd1@damtp (7)64043
G Dalton B1.28 gd394@cam (7)66879
S.B. Dalziel H0.11 S.Dalziel@damtp (3)37911
A Dana
D Das H1.10 dd496@damtp (7)64071
N. Datta F0.08 (7)60377
T-F Dauck H1.04 tfd23@damtp (7)64066
J Dauparas H2.03 J.Dauparas@damtp (7)60439
D Daverio dd415@damtp
M.K. Davey G1.14 M.K.Davey@damtp (7)60427
M.S. Davies Wykes H1.03 M.S.Davies-Wykes@damtp (7)64053
J E Davighi B0.40 jed60@damtp (3)39208
A.C. Davis B2.18 A.C.Davis@damtp (3)37878
B. Davis
G De Canio H2.02 g.decanio@damtp (7)64078
J Debay jed68@damtp
G. Del Zanna F1.05 G.Del-Zanna@damtp (3)37916
A Denson ajd31@cam (3)37840
J W Dewberry F1.03 jwd43@damtp (7)60387
A. Dittrich B1.28 undergrad-office@maths (3)37968
T Dobra H0.13 (7)60435
N. Dorey B1.17 N.Dorey@damtp (3)37883
A L Drew B1.04 ad652@damtp (7)65244
I.T. Drummond B0.30 I.T.Drummond@damtp (7)64276
M. Dunajski B0.38 M.Dunajski@damtp (7)64265
O. Dunn B0.27 osd1000@cam (3)37852
M.A.N. Dupoiron H0.15 m.a.n.dupoiron@damtp (3)37858
R.M. Durbin G0.08 R.M.Durbin@damtp (7)60477