Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
X Ma xm238@damtp
A.J. Macfarlane B0.36 A.J.Macfarlane@damtp (7)64250
Y. Man H2.06 Y.Man@damtp (7)65251
M Manera B1.23 mm2213@damtp (7)66873
N.S. Manton B2.10 N.S.Manton@damtp (3)37879
F Marcotte H2.07 florence.marcotte@damtp (3)38559
R Mari G1.05 rmari@damtp (3)37877
J Markeviciute B1.04 jm722@damtp (7)65244
T. Markovich G2.05 tm598@damtp (7)60453
P. Markowich G1.18 P.A.Markowich@damtp (7)60441
G.T. Marlow B0.28 G.T.Marlow@damtp (3)37850
A. Marron H1.10 a.marron@damtp (7)64071
M. C. D. Marsh B1.23 M.C.D.Marsh@damtp (7)66873
D Martin G2.01 dm762@damtp (3)37868
H.E. Mason F1.08 H.E.Mason@damtp (3)37898
E.K. McAufield G1.11 e.k.karczewska@damtp (7)60446
M.E. McIntyre G1.12 M.E.McIntyre@damtp (3)37871
C McKenna G1.11 cm822@damtp (7)60446
J P McTavish G1.19 jm767@damtp (7)60442
M Mead B2.16 (3)39144
C Metcalfe cg2013@damtp
S Michelin H2.01 sm2250@damtp (7)64075
G. Micklem G0.08 G.Micklem@damtp (7)60477
J.P. Milton CL.10 J.Milton@damtp (3)37848
A.D. Ming G2.03 A.Ming@damtp (7)60450
J.J. Minton G1.03 jeremyminton@damtp (7)66349
G.J. Mitchison FL.03 G.J.Mitchison@damtp (3)37857
P. Mitton
H.K. Moffatt G0.07 H.K.Moffatt@damtp (7)60397
G Moir B0.33 gm555@damtp (7)65248
F Moisy H2.02 fm455@damtp (7)64078
C Moore B1.11 cjm96@cam (3)37941
G. Moore G2.07 (3)37866
C.B. Mortimer B0.25 (7)60374
S M Mulay F1.09 smm96@damtp (7)60393
V. Mullins F0.09 V.Mullins@damtp (7)60394
J P Munro H1.04 jpm82@damtp (7)64066