Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
P. Wadhams H1.16 P.Wadhams@damtp (7)60372
F.J. Wagstaff No desk (7)65000
P. Wagstaff No desk (7)65000
C E Wallace
B. Wallisch BL.02 B.Wallisch@damtp (7)60345
E N Walton B2.01 ew411@damtp (7)66890
T Wang F2.07 tw389@damtp (3)37892
C.D. Warner G0.07 C.D.Warner@damtp (7)60397
C.M. Warnick E1.14 C.M.Warnick@damtp (7)66831
R Warren EL.06 rkw30@damtp (7)64245
A C Waterhouse B2.12 aw592@damtp (7)66912
J Watkins B0.15 (7)66692
F.J. Watson B0.20 F.J.Watson@damtp (7)64278
J Webb B0.07 jw978@damtp
N.O. Weiss F1.11 N.O.Weiss@damtp (3)37910
J.E. Wilders B1.34 J.E.Wilders@damtp (3)39843
J Williams B0.03 jw729@damtp (7)66916
J Williams jvw28@damtp
R.M. Williams B2.14 R.M.Williams@damtp (3)37884
J.R. Willis H0.02 J.R.Willis@damtp (3)39251
M.B. Wingate B2.20 M.Wingate@damtp (3)37881
L K Wong B2.01 L.K.Wong@damtp (7)66890
J.J. Wood B1.10 J.J.Wood@damtp (7)66974
E.M. Woodham EL.07 E.M.Pumfrey@damtp (7)61328
F.G. Woodhouse H0.08 F.G.Woodhouse@damtp (3)39734
Z. Woodhouse Reception CMS Z.Woodhouse@maths (7)65000
M.G. Worster H1.09 M.G.Worster@damtp (3)30850
A J Woss B2.11 A.J.Woss@damtp (7)66913
A.E. Wozniak No desk A.Wozniak@damtp (7)65000
M. Wozniak H0.18 (7)65000
K B Wyczesany F0.12 kbw32@maths (7)60369