• 2014-Present: PhD Student, DAMTP, Cambridge University
  • 2007-2011: B Science (Honours Class 1 and the University Medal in Applied Mathematics), UNSW


My research focuses on the computational analysis of a variety of types of neurological data sets. Particular areas of interest include studying spontaneous activity in the developing nervous system, using data from multielectrode array recordings, and classification of neuronal cells types using multi-view machine learning techniques. 

Selected Publications

  • Cotterill E, Charlesworth P, Thomas CW, Paulsen O & Eglen SJ (2016)A comparison of computational methods for detecting bursts in neuronal spike trains and their application to human stem cell-derived neuronal networks.” J Neurophysiol. 116, 306-321 
  • Cotterill, E, Hall D, Wallace K, Mundy MR, Eglen SJ, Shafer TJ (2016)Characterization of Early Cortical Neural Network Development in Multiwell Microelectrode Array Plates.” J. Biomol. Screen. 21(5), 510-519
  • Charlesworth P, Cotterill E, Morton A, Grant SG, Eglen SJ (2015), "Quantitative differences in developmental profiles of spontaneous activity in cortical and hippocampal cultures." Neural Dev. 10(1):1