Mr Jason Olsthoorn


  • 2007-2011: Bachelor of Mathematics Honors Degree, Mathematical Physics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • 2012-2013: Master's of Applied Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
  • 2013-Present: Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Mathematics, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.


Jason is a member of DAMTP's Evironmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics research group. His current research interests include solitary and peudo-solitary internal waves, vortex dynamics and their evolution, and non-Newtonian fluid dynamics.

Selected Publications


  •                            Vortex-ring-induced stratified mixing. Jason Olsthoorn and Stuart B. Dalziel. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2015, 781. 113-126.

  •                            Strong mode-mode interactions in internal solitary-like waves. Marek Stastna, Jason Olsthoorn, Anton Baglaenko, Aaron Coutino. Physics of Fluids. 2015. 27, 046604.

  •                             Numerical investigation of internal wave-induced sediment motion: Resuspension versus entrainment. Jason Olsthoorn and Marek Stastna. Geophysical Research Letters. 2014. 41, 2876–2882.

  •                             On the dynamics of vortex-wall interaction in low viscosity shear thinning fluids. Jason Olsthoorn, Marek Stastna and Derek Steinmoeller. Physics of Fluids. 2014. 26, 013101.

  •                             Analysis of Asymmetries in Propagating Mode-2 Waves. Jason Olsthoorn, Anton Baglaenko, Marek Stastna. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. 2013. 20, 59-69.

  •                             Seepage in saturated porous layers due to propagating and trapped internal waves. Jason Olsthoorn, Marek Stastna, Nancy Soontiens. Water Resources Research. 2012. 48, W11520.

  •                             An evaluation of an automated 4D-CT contour propagation tool to define an internal gross tumour volume for lung cancer radiotherapy. Stewart Gaede, Jason Olsthoorn, Alex Louie, David Palma, Edward Yu, Brian Yaremko, Belal Ahmad, Jhen, Karl Bzdusek, George Rodrigues. Radiother. Oncol. 2011. 101(2), 322-8.

  •                         Using exotic atoms to keep borders safe. Trevor J Stocki, Andrew Jason, Haruo Miyadera, Ernst I. Esch, Nathan J Hoteling, Andreas Adelmann, Robert H Heffner, Andrew Green, Jason Olsthoorn. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2011. 312, 062009.

  •                         Inter-observer and intra-observer reliability for lung cancer target volume delineation in the 4D-CT era. Alex Louie, George Rodrigues, Jason Olsthoorn, David Palma, Edward Yu, Brian Yaremko, Belal Ahmad, Inge Aivas, Stuart Gaede. Radiother. Oncol. 2010. 95(2), 166-71