Dr Matt Saxton


  • 2016-present: College Teaching Officer, Queens' College, University of Cambridge.
  • 2012-2016: DPhil student, University of Oxford.


Matt is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. His research interests are fluid dynamics, particularly droplet dynamics. including contact-line motion and evaporation.

Selected Publications

  • M.A. Saxton, D. Vella, J.P. Whiteley, and J.M. Oliver (2017). Kinetic effects regularize the mass-flux singularity at the contact line of a thin evaporating drop. J. Engng Maths, 106, 47-73.
  • M.A. Saxton, J.P. Whiteley, D. Vella, and J.M. Oliver (2016). On thin evaporating drops: When is the d2-law valid? J. Fluid Mech., 792, 134-167.
  • J.M. Oliver, J.P. Whiteley, M.A. Saxton, D. Vella, V.S. Zubkov, and J.R. King (2015). On contact-line dynamics with mass transfer. Euro. Jnl of Applied Mathematics, 26, 671-719.