Marcus Webb


  • 2012-: PhD in Mathematical Analysis, Cambridge Centre for Analysis
  • 2011-2012: Master of Mathematics and Computer Science, Oxford University
  • 2008-2011: BA in Mathematics and Computer Science, Oxford University


I am a member of the Cambridge Centre for Analysis. My general research interest is in numerical analysis and mathematical computation. I have interest and expertise in a few different topics within the area, which include, 

  • Isospectral flows and inverse eigenvalue problems 
  • Infinite dimensional linear algebra and computing spectra of operators 
  • Orthogonal polynomials and fast transform methods 
  • Volume preservation in the numerical solution of ODEs

For more info, CV and/or other materials visit my homepage.

Selected Publications


  • Townsend A., Webb M., Olver S., Fast Polynomial Transforms Based on Toeplitz and Hankel Matrices, arXiv:1604.07486
  • Bader P., McLaren D.I., Quispel G.R.W., Webb M., Volume Preservation by Runge-Kutta Methods, accepted in Applied Numerical Mathematics (preprint arXiv:1507.00535)
  • Webb M., Trefethen L.N. and Gonnet, P., Stability of Barycentric Interpolation Formulas for Extrapolation, SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing (SISC), 2012
  • Webb M., Computing Complex Singularities of Differential Equations with Chebfun, SIAM Undergraduate Research Online, 2013