Dr Rosamunde Almond

Executive Secretary, 
Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment 


The Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment is a new Forum in the University which aims to integrate and communicate research in sustainability and the environment at Cambridge. The University already has a broad range of departments, initiatives, networks and centres working in this space. The Forum provides a venue for academics from different disciplines to discuss questions related to sustainability and the environment with a view to increasing interconnections between researchers and to raise the external profile of the University’s research expertise in this area.

The Forum is chaired by Professor Lord Martin Rees and it currently has 18 members, from departments ranging from Zoology to Social Anthropology, Architecture, Engineering and History and Philosophy of Science and initiatives such as the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Energy and Food Security.

I started on the 1st January and I’ll be helping Professor Paul Linden to coordinate, lead and develop this over the next four years.


Since the end of 2010, I worked for the Cambridge Conservation Initative (CCI), one of the University's Strategic Initatives, as one of two Programme Managers of the Shared Challenges Programme and most recently, the CCI Programmes Coordinator, catalyzing and coordinating collaborative projects between CCI partner organisations and the departments within the University of Cambridge. More information about CCI can be found on their website at www.conservation.cam.ac.uk.

In parallel, I worked as a consultant for the WWF on their Living Planet Reports in 2010 and in 2012, helping to turn their biannual flagship publication into compelling and engaging reports and websites about the state of biodiversity and how our consumption and our ‘footprint’ effects the natural world. The reports have been translated into 14 different languages, reaching a larger audience than ever before and I helped them to turn the scientific content of the report into material for the panda.org website and a series of interactive graphics and infographics. The report itself can be found here - http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/all_publications/living_planet_report/.

Prior to that, I did my undergraduate and PhD in the Zoology Department in Cambridge followed by a post-doc in Madison, Wisconsin. I returned to the University of Cambridge to do a second post-doc in Zoology before moving to UNEP-WCMC to develop a suite of new biodiversity indicators that track whether wild species are sustainably used.