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Monday October 3 11:00

Euler systems and deformation of Galois representations
Eric Urban (Colombia University)
Number Theory Seminar

Tuesday October 4 11:30

Beyond i.i.d. in quantum information theory
Nilanjana Datta, Statslab
CQIF Seminar

Tuesday October 4 12:15

Quantum Information and Relativistic Causality: distinguishing quantum states instantaneously
Berry Groisman, Sidney Sussex College
CQIF Seminar

Thursday October 6 13:00

Title to be confirmed
Balt Van Rees -- Durham
String Theory Seminars

Thursday October 6 14:00

Bayes and the Blame Game: What I learned from presenting Bayesian reasoning in criminal cases
Frans Alkemade (Other)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Thursday October 6 14:00

Limit theorems for eigenvectors of the normalized Laplacian for random graphs
Carey Priebe (Johns Hopkins University)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series